and the next bit

I’m not promising to keep updating this same story – partly because it would take years if I did it that way, and partly because it’d  be nice to preserve some mystery in case I manage to make it into a Real Book someday. But I’ve got this bit now, so you might as well take a look. It follows right after what I posted yesterday. Still considering some word choices.

Fair warning: I naturally know very little about firearms, less about airplanes, and basically nothing about CB radio. Thank goodness my husband is an engineer (and not yet sick of hearing about my novel after like four years).

Just shy of 1.5K words following; go forth at your own peril. (I should really think about updating in shorter segments. Nah.)

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what might be the beginning of something

I plan on using this blog solely for storytelling. I’ll toss bits and pieces of drafts of things up here and beg for feedback, probably; or if I can rally myself and get organized, I’ll get some serial stories rolling, just for fun.

For now, here’s a bit of a Thing. A bit of The Big Thing in fact. The Big Project that’s been dominating my life for years, I kid you not, and which I feel is finally coming together.

I’ve written and rewritten the beginning of this giant story several times, jumping in medias res at different points, obsessing, analyzing, the whole deal. But I think I might be on to something now.

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