in which i doodle instead of writing

I haven’t been working on my Big Project a ton lately — writers’ block or whatever, I don’t know, and it might be over soon because unbidden I had a plethora of Thoughts about it while staring into space from an airplane earlier today — I’ve been on vacation until just a few hours ago and before that I watched and became moderately obsessed with Captain America: Civil War so that’s been taking up most of my brain’s idle process lately.

Pardon the rambles. I’d blame jetlag if I could, but I can’t, because we just *returned* from the west coast so it feels like 9 pm despite being technically midnight. (The toddler agrees, and is also wide awake: maybe I’ll blame it on that. no sweetie, don’t write on my phone with a pen.)

Anyway so I came upon a sketchbook and started drawing marvel characters, in some kind of frenzy. As soon as I finished one, I sent it to my brother who assigned me the next. For a while there it was one superhero a day until I had to leave on vacation (technically i started sketching Loki in the Chicago O’Hare airport but I didn’t finish (toddler)).

So until I gurgle forth more prose, here are these drawings for you to look at.



OH, here I am, a day late and a dollar short —

rather, a month late and about 500 words too many —

but here I am regardless, as always eternally grateful for your patience (Josh’s especially), with the second piece of flash fiction I’d promised as a prize for winning my contest back in April. (Claire’s is here.)

This one’s credited to Josh and his prompt:

Orange was the color of madness. Prying off lids, they found fifteen were blue. The sixteenth stared back in the maddest orange imaginable.

I took it in a weird direction. Weird is my favorite direction.

A bit over 1.5K words following. I hope you enjoy!

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