In which i try again at trying out that POV switch

Good golly, I’m still here! Flinging prose up on my blog like a handful of wet tp against a wall!

Quick notes about this section:

It is not finished. It just runs aground right about where I had to leave Panera and resume Mom duties. Sorry. Blank spaces like this “_______” mean a definite Thing I just haven’t named yet. Bolded words are future-wild-west-alien-planet-slang that might be terrible.

This is attempt #2 at the scene from the previous blog post. I realized my first attempt was wasting time on throwaway characters that I should’ve been spending more efficiently on 1) filling out the world, 2) getting a bead on Billa’s psyche and voice (since this is a POV switch and it needs to feel distinct and necessary), and 3) pushing the plot along for heaven’s sake. Also on more lyrical descriptions because I love those. So hopefully this version does those things.

Toms! Who are they? What are they? What do they have to do with the UFO or whatever crash-landed? Obviously the novel will answer these questions and many more but if you are wondering about the word “tom”, go plug it in Google Translate from Swedish to English. (Swedish is not arbitrary; I promise, I have a whole book about constructed languages.) That won’t answer any of your questions but it might give you more. 🙂

Bit under 3K words following.

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