Still Not Dead

Just busy and haven’t had time to write much in the past few weeks. Been obsessively worldbuilding, though, in between things. Here’s a map I drew.

It’s only as detailed as my current needs — like, really there’s sovereign borders and railroads and more than three cities, but only like three of the cities and so far zero of the railroads really matter to the plot. (I shouldn’t promise not to come up with a train chase/escape scene for later, though. that’s a good idea. huh. the map is helping.) I haven’t marked the protagonists’ travel path either, but if you play connect-the-dots with the landmarks I’ve bothered to mark, you’ll get the idea.

It’s been a busy summer but I will get back on the writing wagon as soon as I can. Right now, I’m going to bed. I love you all.



Revised an earlier section, but that’s boring for you, so instead here’s this drawing and I’ll see you next week

I was revising this section yesterday, but I’m still not quite settled on it so I’m not gonna bore you with it right now. I’ll just leave you this small bit of in-progress description and this matching sketch I apparently drew a while ago. See you next week, if the muse pleases!


the pillars (466x640)

The pillars were a landmark, visible against the sky from the far side of the Bridge. They stuck up from the hill rather uncomfortably — like ribs from a butchered carcass, Billa often relished pointing out. Tedis thought of them instead as a row of giants standing in file to watch all the coming and going below. The five huge stones, capriciously balanced atop a line of weather-carved stone pedestals, would be their heavy misshapen heads. They looked every moment as though about to topple. It was uncomfortable to stand too close to them.

The walk was less of a walk than a climb; the hill was rough and steep. But with each other’s hands to lean on Tedis and Ghavan managed it quickly. They paused only a moment in the shadow of the largest pillar to catch their breath and bearings, and to glance down at the truck looking tiny as a toy below them. Then they skated quickly down onto the sand pit, getting sand into their boots and not bothering to mind very much because ahead of them lay the crater.

The hollow was almost unrecognizable. The bushes that dotted it, which should have been buzzing with fresh blooms this time of year, were blasted and black. Black rays of scorched sand fanned out across the sand a hundred feet wide and at the center of the burst, a glossy pit of hot glass crackled out the remnants of some immense heat. The air rippled and shimmered.

And in the bottom of the pit, tipped over in the ash, was Something…

in which i doodle instead of writing

I haven’t been working on my Big Project a ton lately — writers’ block or whatever, I don’t know, and it might be over soon because unbidden I had a plethora of Thoughts about it while staring into space from an airplane earlier today — I’ve been on vacation until just a few hours ago and before that I watched and became moderately obsessed with Captain America: Civil War so that’s been taking up most of my brain’s idle process lately.

Pardon the rambles. I’d blame jetlag if I could, but I can’t, because we just *returned* from the west coast so it feels like 9 pm despite being technically midnight. (The toddler agrees, and is also wide awake: maybe I’ll blame it on that. no sweetie, don’t write on my phone with a pen.)

Anyway so I came upon a sketchbook and started drawing marvel characters, in some kind of frenzy. As soon as I finished one, I sent it to my brother who assigned me the next. For a while there it was one superhero a day until I had to leave on vacation (technically i started sketching Loki in the Chicago O’Hare airport but I didn’t finish (toddler)).

So until I gurgle forth more prose, here are these drawings for you to look at.