The fire is probably a metaphor

If you’ve been following the blog before now, I apologize but I’ve skipped ahead again, like way ahead, to a scene that was more entertaining. So whatever questions you might’ve had from earlier sections … keep hanging on to them I guess?

I should point out that it’s daytime in this scene. Billa is sleeping through the whole conversation, not because it’s nighttime, but because he’s hung over from the whiskey that got him through some rather severe emergency field surgery, because uh… because I said so. More on that later. (He’s gonna be fine.)

Anyway, here follows some characters clumsily banging their way around philosophy and myth and race relations and sexual tension. It may be painfully cheesy: please tell me where it hurts, I’m never offended by criticism, I’ll settle for “slightly better than Anakin telling Padme why he hates sand”.

Roughly 1300 words following.

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In which i try again at trying out that POV switch

Good golly, I’m still here! Flinging prose up on my blog like a handful of wet tp against a wall!

Quick notes about this section:

It is not finished. It just runs aground right about where I had to leave Panera and resume Mom duties. Sorry. Blank spaces like this “_______” mean a definite Thing I just haven’t named yet. Bolded words are future-wild-west-alien-planet-slang that might be terrible.

This is attempt #2 at the scene from the previous blog post. I realized my first attempt was wasting time on throwaway characters that I should’ve been spending more efficiently on 1) filling out the world, 2) getting a bead on Billa’s psyche and voice (since this is a POV switch and it needs to feel distinct and necessary), and 3) pushing the plot along for heaven’s sake. Also on more lyrical descriptions because I love those. So hopefully this version does those things.

Toms! Who are they? What are they? What do they have to do with the UFO or whatever crash-landed? Obviously the novel will answer these questions and many more but if you are wondering about the word “tom”, go plug it in Google Translate from Swedish to English. (Swedish is not arbitrary; I promise, I have a whole book about constructed languages.) That won’t answer any of your questions but it might give you more. 🙂

Bit under 3K words following.

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back on the train, choo choo (lord willing)

March Forth! I have now twice officially Left the House in order to Sit Alone and Uninterrupted with my Novel-in-progress for Two Consecutive Hours. Meaning no disrespect to the two-year-old, and with deep gratitude expressed towards the husband, It Has Been Awesome. Words have been written. If I continue to do this regularly (current thought is, once a week), someday I’ll have a finished novel. Right? Right. Here’s to it.

As proof and for purposes of personal motivation, and for your entertainment if you like, here are today’s Words.

Roughly 1200 words following. (Four hours!! I don’t want to think about how long AN ENTIRE NOVEL will take me, at that rate. La la la.)

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in which i doodle instead of writing

I haven’t been working on my Big Project a ton lately — writers’ block or whatever, I don’t know, and it might be over soon because unbidden I had a plethora of Thoughts about it while staring into space from an airplane earlier today — I’ve been on vacation until just a few hours ago and before that I watched and became moderately obsessed with Captain America: Civil War so that’s been taking up most of my brain’s idle process lately.

Pardon the rambles. I’d blame jetlag if I could, but I can’t, because we just *returned* from the west coast so it feels like 9 pm despite being technically midnight. (The toddler agrees, and is also wide awake: maybe I’ll blame it on that. no sweetie, don’t write on my phone with a pen.)

Anyway so I came upon a sketchbook and started drawing marvel characters, in some kind of frenzy. As soon as I finished one, I sent it to my brother who assigned me the next. For a while there it was one superhero a day until I had to leave on vacation (technically i started sketching Loki in the Chicago O’Hare airport but I didn’t finish (toddler)).

So until I gurgle forth more prose, here are these drawings for you to look at.


OH, here I am, a day late and a dollar short —

rather, a month late and about 500 words too many —

but here I am regardless, as always eternally grateful for your patience (Josh’s especially), with the second piece of flash fiction I’d promised as a prize for winning my contest back in April. (Claire’s is here.)

This one’s credited to Josh and his prompt:

Orange was the color of madness. Prying off lids, they found fifteen were blue. The sixteenth stared back in the maddest orange imaginable.

I took it in a weird direction. Weird is my favorite direction.

A bit over 1.5K words following. I hope you enjoy!

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The Game (Something Different)

Here’s the Something Different I promised you!

Actually, only about half of the Something: see originally, the plan was to write one piece of flash fiction for one winner of my FB contest, but because I have so many creative friends, I received so many brain-fudging writing prompts by the end of this contest that I had to throw the plan out the window and pick TWO winners (and even that was difficult to narrow down) and write TWO things (like I have time for this! eh, it’s my drug) —

so here is the first —

It is called The Game, and I credit it to the illustrious Claire and her writing prompt:

“Unhand the shampoo!” barked the man behind the gun.

Roughly 700 words following.

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spelling static phonetically

Hello! I’m still here. We’re finally closing in on that Thing we saw fall in chapter 1.

More radio conversations in this bit – sorry? Reading spelled-out static interference may be annoying. I’ve lost perspective and will have to look at this again in the morning, and then a million more times, likely as not. But I’ll take any and all critique, on the static issue and anything else at all.

And pardon the cliffhanger. 🙂 It has less to do with perverse glee and more to do with the fact that I haven’t completed enough of the scene to post the whole thing yet. Soon. Soon.

1.3K words following.

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Piper’s Gully

Back to the action – two characters in a truck and one in a little plane, heading out to investigate something like a crashed UFO (maybe. you don’t know yet).

I’d love any feedback, of course, but I’d specifically love feedback on the pacing — that is, if you’ve been following the last few posts. Sometimes I feel like it’s taking forever for anything to happen and I ought to condense it more; other times I revel in the setup and it seems justified, given the intended scope of the story. Like maybe Dune-length? I dunno.

Enjoy. 🙂

Roughly 1k words following.

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stuff in pockets

I haven’t posted in a while. It happens when it happens, I’m afraid! I’m still working on the Big One — always — but not always strictly sequentially, nor every day. Toddler, you know.

In the meantime, have these 600-plus words of character sketch. These excerpts (will probably, in some form) belong to the Big One, and they concern a character who will be introduced properly at some point soon, but we’ve fast-forwarded through a lot of intermediate scenes. I hope the reading is pleasant even without its context.

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